Jean Degollacion University of the Sunshine Coast

Jean is from the Philippines, currently studying a Master of International Business at the University of Sunshine Coast.

Jean places upmost importance on student voices being heard and wants to use her role with the Queensland International Student Advisory Panel to ensure that education providers are fully aware of the programs and organisations available that can support international students.

Supporting international students is something Jean is passionate about, having had firsthand experience assisting them to overcome the obstacles of gaining employment, and issues with language and cultural barriers. Jean would like education providers to invest more time on cultural orientation for international students, and to better recognise these students as short-term residents contributing to the economy rather than temporary tourists.

The picturesque hinterlands and pristine beaches in Queensland are not the only thing that captured Jean's heart, but also how accepting and welcoming the people are. Her advice to other students is to get involved in the community's activities wherever possible as this is the best way to meet people and get a first-hand experience of the Australian culture.