Prince (Long) Lo The University of Queensland

Prince is a student from Hong Kong, currently studying a Master of Social Work Studies at The University of Queensland in Brisbane. He previously completed a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Behavioural Science at Queensland University of Technology. 

Through his active involvement with various student organisations, multiple advisory boards and volunteer initiatives, Prince has gained excellent experience which has broadened his perspective to create worthwhile student-focused discussion. Prince has built a strong network across Australia and overseas which will help him to bring new ideas regarding policy and developing support programs.

Prince would like to see more assistance for students around emergency financial aid and thinks this could be achieved through the introduction of a short-term employment program for students.

There are many things Prince loves about studying in Queensland, including the sunshine weather, beaches and friendly people. To make the most of their study experience, Prince recommends students join a club or community group to meet people and build their networks.