Talina Bayeleva The University of Queensland

Talina is a student from Kazakhstan, studying a Master of Philosophy in Neuroscience at the Queensland Brain Institute, through the University of Queensland. Talina has previously completed a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at Griffith University.

Having studied in Australia for four years, Talina has been exposed to a variety of challenges as an international student which will allow her to provide experienced advice on policy and programs to enhance student experience. She has mentored new international students at Griffith University and will draw on her experiences to be a role model for other students.

Talina would like to see a stronger focus on preparing students on what to expect when arriving into Queensland to help them make well-educated decisions relating to their studies and experience. She is currently writing a blog post for Study Brisbane's website about the difficulties she experienced during her first month in Brisbane, with the hope of better preparing incoming students.

Talina loves Brisbane for its safety and education quality, and the constant flow of opportunities on offer. Talina encourages other students to take full advantage of the opportunities available to further develop their leadership skills and gain experience outside of their study.