Friends of Good Schooling (FRoGS) Merit and Equity Based Scholarships

James Cook University

Eligibility Requirements

FRoGS scholarships-mentorships are open to competition among candidates who: are Australian citizens and residents of Queensland; are enrolled as full-time internal students at JCU's Townsville campus in an undergraduate teacher education program approved by the SMC;  have achieved Queensland overall position [OP] university entrance scores 1-11, or the equivalent;  have homes so far from the nearest university that daily travel for full-time internal study is impracticable;                                                                           clearly describe and provide documentary evidence of their financial need; and have lodged through applications for the Australian Department of Human Services/Centrelink Youth Allowance/Austudy/Abstudy and have received hard copy approvals/rejections, or have official decisions pending. [Careful observance of this clause should ensure that awardees receive the maximum total (FRoGS + government) financial assistance.]

  • Value of scholarship Up to AUD $7,904 Prizes are offered for good performance
  • Who can apply All international
  • Application deadline 24-Jan
  • Study level Associate Degree, Bachelors Degree
  • Application details Applications must be submitted on the official form no later than 24 January. Copies of the documentation listed in the application form must accompany the application. In submitting an application, an applicant authorises the SMC to make whatever enquiries they consider necessary as to the applicant's good character and suitability to receive the  award.This includes authorisation to examine the applicant's academic record and to receive opinions  of the staff of any academic institution, and applies equally for the duration of any FRoGS scholarship- mentorship that may be awarded.