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Tobitate! Queensland University Scholarships

Apply for a Tobitate! Queensland University Scholarship and receive one semester of free tuition when you study for a minimum of one year at a participating university in Queensland, Australia.

Tobitate! Queensland University Scholarships are offered through a partnership of Study Queensland, the Tobitate! (Leap for Tomorrow) Young Ambassador Program, and seven Queensland universities to Japanese students for the first time in 2018.

About the Tobitate! Queensland University Scholarships




​ Program

​ Undergraduate and postgraduate programs and study abroad programs

​ Year level

​ Students at higher education level

​ Focus 

 ​Minimum 1 year full-time study, commencing after  September 2018 

​ Scholarship value

 ​Each scholarship is valued at one semester’s tuition. Second-semester tuition is waived subject to 1 full year’s study.

 Students are required to fund their first-semester tuition, own travel and living expenses in Queensland.

​ University preference

​ Applicants may apply for their preferred course at a participating Queensland university.

​ Key dates

 Mid-June 2018

​ MEXT announce Tobitate! scholarship winners.
 MEXT will provide information to Study Queensland about the unsuccessful applicants who have expressed interest in  studying in Queensland on their Tobitate! application form.

 Late June 2018

Study Queensland informs Queensland universities of  those students’ intentions.
TIQ Japan will contact students to seek their applications to study in Queensland and provide advice on  the admission process and timings.

 Mid-August 2018

​Queensland universities receive application forms, begin assessments for admission based on their standard enrolment policy, and inform Study Queensland on their selection of the Tobitate! Queensland University Scholarship winners. Due COB 17:00 AEST Friday 17 August 2018. 

 Late August 2018


Study Queensland announces Tobitate! Queensland  University Scholarship winners

 September 2018 

From September 2018 Tobitate! Queensland University  Scholarship winners commence study in Queensland


To be eligible for this scholarship program you must:

  • include a line ‘I wish to be considered for the Tobitate! Queensland University Scholarship’ on your Tobitate! application form and indicate your preferred universities and majors (field of study) if any.

·         submit your application to participating Queensland university

·         hold a passport or be eligible to apply for a passport at the time of application

·         meet the student visa requirements subclass 500​

·         meet the English and academic entry requirements of the institution you are applying for

Further information

For more information about Tobitate! Queensland University Scholarships please email

For more information about Queensland and study options please visit the Study Queensland website

For an overview in Japanese about Tobitate! Queensland University Scholarships, please download here

Participating Queensland universities 








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