Study biomedicine

Thrive in biomedicine.

Write the script for your career in an industry with a global pulse. Study biomedicine in Australia's Queensland and make a difference worldwide.

  • Your education, enhanced.

    Learn from incredible Queensland-based mentors at world-renowned institutes like the Translational Research Institute, and change lives as a scientist, biotechnologist, chemist, microbiologist, research scientist or toxicologist.

  • From degrees to discoveries.

    Queensland's biomedical sector is underpinned by excellence in science and operates in a global value chain. Home to world-leading research institutes, Queensland has international agreements in place with Queensland universities, the Centre for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) and global biotech companies.

  • Bring your big future to life.

    Practice anywhere. Not only are Queensland's universities renowned for graduate outcomes, the biomedical industry in Queensland employs almost 10,000 people alone and is forecast to grow by up to 38% over the next 10 years.