Study smart mining

Go for groundbreaking.

Smart mining has a big future in Australia's Queensland, from exploration to mineral processing and infrastructure. Start your education here and get ready to lead in this fast-moving, competitive industry.

  • Discover rich possibilities.

    Queensland has a $7 billion resources and mining industry, supporting careers in areas including sustainability, big data, robotics, automation, and systems integration.

  • Unearth your full potential in Queensland.

    Australia's Queensland has more than 30 billion tonnes of coal deposits, along with metals, phosphate rock, oil shale and minerals. From exploration to extraction, processing to rehabilitation, you'll gain a valuable understanding of the entire resources supply chain.

  • From graduate to ground-breaker.

    Develop innovative solutions to industry challenges. Australia's Queensland has built a reputation for using best-practice solutions across the mining and resources industry, setting you up to improve safety and environmental practices globally.