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Being innovative means demonstrating a capacity to execute ideas to create value. Innovators have curiosity, creativity, persistence, grit, and the cognitive flexibility to identify when things are not working out, and adaptability to find solutions. Employers value employees with experience and skills in launching and delivering new initiatives that created value.

Key Skills:

  • Creativity
  • Persistence
  • Adaptability
  • Risk Taking

How to build your capability:

  • Participating in a start-up weekend or incubator program.
  • Working to identify new and creative ways to solve a problem (e.g. brainstorming and suggesting new deals that will bring in more customers to the restaurant where you have a part-time job).
  • Delivering a unique and creative outcome as part of an assignment.


  • Falling Walls Lab
  • gen[in] student innovation challenge
  • Study Gold Coast Student Startup Landing Pad
  • More experiences to be added soon
Access COVID-19 information and resources for students here.