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Andy came from Malaysia to study on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Course High School
Institution Helensvale State High School

My name is Andy from Malaysia; I am currently studying Year in 12 at Helensvale State High School and I have been here since grade ten.

I chose to come to Helensvale State High School because of the variety of subjects and I really wanted to do Maths B and Physics so I continue my studies in Griffith University doing engineering and along the way I found the business organization and management subject interested me therefore I may do a double degree in business with my engineering course.

Education in Malaysia is different to Australia. In Malaysia we do not really have the choice of subjects I have here in Australia. Twice a week, every week, we have English as a Second Language class and it helps me with all my assignments and does make it easier for me.


People here are very friendly. When I first came here, on my first day, the school incorporated a “Buddy System” so I had one person from the class to take me around the school and introduce me people, it is very easy to make friends and people are really friendly and welcoming here. — Andy, Malaysia

Access COVID-19 information and resources for students here.