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Jihyun's experience of studying in Queensland Government Schools in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Course High School
Institution Helensvale State High School

Jijyun, an international student from Korea, talks about her experience studying Chemistry at Helensvale State High School on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.


My name is Jijyun Kang, I am from South Korea, and I am currently going to Helensvale State High School.

Queensland is a great state; you can experience a really strong Australian culture, which is what I wanted, the environment is good, there are beaches and nice weather, that’s why I chose to come to Queensland.

The reason why I chose Helensvale Sate High School is we have a very small population of international students where is like a small community, and I wanted to advance my English skills.

My favourite subject is Chemistry because we do a lot of scientific experiments such as wine making, Scone making, cheese making and ginger bread making.

Forensics, we went to Griffith University to do an investigation into a murder case that we were given which we further extended into research task.

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