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Queensland, a gateway to endless work and career advantages

Queensland has an abundance of advantages for international students and migrants including a safe and stable environment and a strong economy.

Ideally positioned at the crossroads of the Asia-Pacific region, Queensland is close to the growth markets of the world and comprises internationally-renowned tourism, agriculture, resources, construction and education industries plus an emerging research and bio-industries sector.

What is the job market like in Queensland?

There are a wide range of jobs available for international students in Queensland. To learn more about which job suits you best, visit the Australian Government Job Outlook website. This website contains valuable information on thousands of jobs including:

  1. Job prospects
  2. Weekly earnings
  3. Occupation size
  4. Skills and qualifications needed
  5. Job vacancies.

How can I prepare myself for a job?

  • Work experience

    Work experience assists students in their transition from school to work. It provides an arrangement whereby international students participate in activities at a place of paid or voluntary work.

  • Volunteering

    Volunteer work is a great way to learn real-world skills and give back to the community. For more information about volunteering visit the Queensland Government’s volunteering website.

  • Vocational placement

    Vocational placement is where an international student is placed in a workplace to receive practical training and experience that is an assessable part of a student’s course.

  • Working holiday with study

    Explore Queensland's natural treasures by combining study, travel and work with a working holiday visa. Courses of 17 weeks or less in duration can be completed part-time or full-time.

  • Working while studying

    Combining work with study is a great way to earn money and meet new people. You can work up to 40 hours per fortnight when your course is in session and unlimited hours when it is not.

  • PhD, Research & Advanced QLD

    PhD & research work is encouraged in Queensland. The Queensland Government is investing $180 million over 4 years through its advance Queensland program to create knowledge-based jobs.

Discover what it is like to work in Queensland

The Working in Queensland modules give you insight into working in some of Queensland's top industries. You will gain an understanding of the type of tasks you might be expected to undertake and the variety of diverse careers available in each industry. 

How do I complete the Working in Queensland modules?

Once you have registered for the Working in Queensland modules you will receive access to an online platform to commence the module for your chosen industry. As you complete the program, you will undertake a simulated workplace experience at a leading Queensland company where you work on real-world simulated tasks in an interactive case study.

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How do I find a job?

There are a number of schools, agencies and websites that can assist you in finding a job. Try our comprehensive job finder to help you find a job at a convenient location. Additionally, your local Study Cluster may have resources that can assist with finding jobs in your region:

You can also contact your school/institution to see whether they provide job placement services. Or visit one of the following job search engines:


Internships provide students and recent graduates with the opportunity to gain practical training in a real work environment. Here's a list of Internship providers:

What are my rights and obligations as an employee?

Australia has strict laws relating to employment conditions. These apply to anyone working in Australia, including international students. They cover a wide range of topics including:

  • the minimum amount you must get paid
  • your taxation and superannuation obligations
  • safety at your place of employment
  • what work you can do
  • unfair treatment in the workplace.

Information for workers about pay, tax, your employment rights and what to do if there is a problem is available from the Queensland Government’s employment website or visit Fair Work Ombudsman.