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Registrations Opening Soon!

Registrations Opening Soon!

Registrations will open soon for international and globally-minded students (aged 14-21 years) to join the gen[in] student innovation challenge in 2019!  

The gen[in] student innovation challenge will help you build real world skills, make lifelong connections and give you the chance to win a share of a $15,000 prize pool.  

So are you [in]?

How does gen[in] work?


gen[in] is an online innovation challenge that you can participate in no matter what time of day, or where you are in Queensland.

In the gen[in] challenge, we will nurture you through a series of online activities that will not only help create an idea but also build entrepreneurial skills! 

So how does the gen[in] student innovation challenge work?

The beauty of the gen[in] student innovation challenge is that you do not have to have an idea to join!

Whether you have an idea or are idealess, gen[in] will nurture you through the process and help you come up with meaningful idea. 

To see how we nurture you depending on where you are with an idea, select one of the options, and see what your journey could look like in the gen[in] student innovation challenge. 

How do I join gen[in]?

We are calling all international students as well as globally-minded domestic students in Queensland to join gen[in]!

To register for the gen[in] student innovation challenge, simply click the "join gen[in]" button and send your details to our Project Manager, Megan Short. Megan will then work with you to get started in the gen[in] student innovation challenge. 

Once you are in the challenge you will get VIP access to a wide range of incredible resources developed by our consortium members. Here is a quick overview of what we offer to you when you join:

How do I join gen[in]?


Why join gen[in]?

Globally Focused

We thought it was about time a challenge like ours was more focused on being global. You are already global citizens in this digital age, so why not make sure we're global too? The gen[in] challenge brings an international flavour to innovation. You will get to work and innovate with people from countries all over the world that live right here in our state.

Lifelong Connections

We like to think of gen[in] as a community. As soon as you join you will get to connect with a diverse group of students, ambassadors and mentors. Friendships and business partnerships you make at gen[in] will last a lifetime. This means you will always know someone no matter where you go in life.

Real World Skills

As you work through our challenge you will be building up some real world skills that you can use in any job. We will help you identify what skills you have achieved and when so you can add them to your resume. Employers won't be able to resist employing you once you've taken on the gen[in] challenge!

Real World Mentors

We have brought together some pretty incredible people to help you with your ideas. Our mentors come from various backgrounds and work in a wide range of businesses. Best of all, they know exactly how you feel! They can't wait to share their stories and help you grow your ideas, so get ready to be inspired

Hands On Experience

This is for people who like to see awesome in action! We want to offer you special opportunities to work with real entrepreneurs. These work experiences can help your idea grow and make your resume shine. We really can't wait to see your potential employers' faces when they realise how awesome you are!

A Chance to Win

Given you will be sharing some incredible ideas with us, we want to give you some amazing prizes! We are working to create unique prize packages for the top ideas (judged by our judges). The prizes could include money, internships, experiences and other cool stuff. We want to keep it a surprise for now.

When does gen[in] happen?

Round 1

22 JAN 19 - 10 MAR 19

Registrations are open throughout Round 1 meaning you can join anytime between the 22nd January and 10th March 2019!

In Round 1 we will help you identify a problem to solve in your local community to then develop an innovatice idea.

At the end of the Round, you will need to submit a 60 second video pitch about your idea. Once you have submitted your video, you're automatically through to Round 2! 

Round 2

11 MAR 19 - 26 APR 19

Round 2 is about writing a two-page innovation plan for your idea!

You will get to attend live sessions with our mentors to get feedback on your idea and plan. Once submitted, our amazing panel will judge your idea plan and original video to see if you receive a ticket to finals!

Round 3

10 MAY 19 - 11 MAY 19

Round 3 will be the spectacular finale of the gen[in] challenge!

Finalists will be invited to a special event that will go over two days where you will meet mentors and then pitch your idea to a panel of judges and live audience. 

Winners will then receive one of our amazing prize packages. 

What are people like me saying?

Jack (Jiyuan)

“gen[in] helped provide me with valuable suggestions, build my network and supported my idea to make it evolve. I can't wait to startup my idea to improve the homestay industry!”

Student, St Peter's Lutheran College

Andre and Nifemi

“Everyone gets the opportunity to really develop and hone in on the skills and see if entrepreneurship is for them.”

Students, St Peter's Lutheran College


“I found it a really rewarding experience, it's been really cool to meet with like-minded people and discuss our ideas.”

High School Student, Craigslea State High School

gen[in] workshop participant

“I would apply all the skills and knowledge acquired to better myself.”





This project is co-funded with the support of the Queensland Government's International Education and Training Partnership Fund, managed by the International Education and Training Unit (IETU) within Trade and Investment Queensland.