Launch U Trade Accelerator

Launch U Trade Accelerator program (LTA), powered by Study Queensland and the Queensland Government, is a 2-week virtual program enabling Queensland-based exporters to engage a team of talented university-aged students who will carry out bespoke market research designed to identify international business growth opportunities.

The program is fully subsidised by TIQ with no financial cost for businesses to participate.



How does it work?

Exporters simply provide their business details and some dot points of high level topics to be researched, and someone from TIQ will get back to you to confirm you registration.


How much does it cost?

It's free.


How long does it take to complete the form?

Depending on how much information you want to provide, only about 10mins!


What type of research topics are covered?

The most common types of research include the following, but the students are open to others as well:

• How to break into international markets and scale up without breaking the bank

• New technologies, startups and innovations relevant to your desired industry and marketplace

• Competitors; their products, point of differentiation, and price points

• A specific tender process in a country

• Legal and regulatory barriers and considerations


What if I get stuck filling out the form?

No problem. We have someone at TIQ that can assist you over the phone. In fact, they would be happy to fill the form out for you with your guidance. Simply call 07 3514 3067 or email


How many other businesses have received their bespoke market research reports?

More than 82 businesses. In fact, approximately 900 students participated in the first year of LTA, with 126 project briefs completed. Many businesses submitted multiple briefs for multiple countries they wanted information on. You just need to take 10 mins per brief per country. It’s quite simple. If you’re having trouble, just call 07 3514 3067 and they will take the brief for you over the phone.


Business testimonials

“I was very impressed with the quality of information and insight that the team were able to provide, that gave me some good high-level understanding of competitors, legal and tax requirements and some useful links to gain further insight or assistance, so was very pleased with the independent initiative shown by the team.” – Amanda, client

“It's a great opportunity to support students in understanding the dynamics involved in commercial market investigation, whilst also offering an avenue to obtain high level market data from a dedicated team.” – Peter, client

“We have done this program twice now and every time we are blown away with the level of detail and quality of information the team produce.” – Benjamin, client


FAQ’s and more information

For the FAQ’s and more information, simply download the program overview here. If you’re ready to apply, you can register your interest here.