Collect professional experiences and launch your global career



Launch U gives you access to online and face-to-face professional experiences designed to develop your professional capabilities. You can log your own experiences or choose from the talent and employability experiences currently available in Queensland.

Capture your experiences within the Launch U Portfolio, obtain your Queensland Government backed micro-credential and launch your global career.

Below, you will see 6 skills areas that will help you succeed in the future world of work.
Launch U is designed to help you develop these skills and showcase your ability as an employee to future employers.

About Launch U

Launch U is a talent and employability program supported by Study Queensland and the Queensland Government.

Launch U connects students, employers, and education providers through different talent and employability experiences designed to build your professional skills. When you complete the program, you will be awarded with a Launch U digital badge and micro-credential signifying you have developed the skills necessary for the future world of work. You will also be recognised as a candidate of Queensland’s best global talent.