Explore the world of work in Queensland's top industries

The Working in Queensland (WiQ) modules provide you with a simulated environment to explore real-world work scenarios for Queensland businesses across the Advanced Manufacturing, Biomedicine, Sustainable Energy and Tourism and Events industries. 

You will gain an understanding of the type of tasks you might be expected to undertake and the variety of diverse careers available in each industry.  

The WiQ modules are free and allow you to test out your skills in addressing real world situations in the workplace in industries that interest you. 

Explore Advanced Manufacturing

Innovating for a brighter future. Companies are seeking professionals in a variety of roles including Robotic Engineers, IT Professionals, Industrial Designers, Creatives and Machine Operators.

By 2026, Queensland will be international market leaders in the delivery of advanced manufacturing technologies, systems, products and services that are innovative, sustainable, and embedded in local and global supply chains. Advanced Manufacturing will focus on key growth sectors, such as: aerospace, biofutures, biomedicine, defence, and hydrogen.

The WiQ Advanced Manufacturing module gives you insight into working at Helimods – a Queensland-based aerospace technology company with world-leading capability in advanced digital design, engineering and manufacturing.

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Discover Biomedicine

Building the foundations for a healthy tomorrow. Complete this WiQ Biomedicine experience to understand the career opportunities available in Biomedicine in Queensland, Australia.

Queensland is home to world-leading research with an emerging strength in Biomedicine. By 2027, Queensland will be home to a globally competitive Asia-Pacific biomedical industry hub recognised for its excellence in biomedical innovation, a highly-skilled workforce, and world-leading translational biomedical research facilities.

The career opportunities in biomedicine are vast with roles in medical research, biotechnology, laboratory medical science, regulatory affairs, sales, science writing, dietetics and more.

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Explore Sustainable Energy

Sustainable energy is a key priority for Queensland, Australia with the Queensland State Government setting a target to have 50% of Queensland’s energy generated from renewable sources by 2030 to reduce emissions, address climate change, create new jobs and diversify the state’s economy.

There are exciting career opportunities in sustainable energy with companies in Queensland and across the globe looking for skilled professionals to fill roles such as civil, electrical and mechanical engineers, environmental scientists, legal professionals and business management professionals to work toward a sustainable future.

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Discover Tourism and Events

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of your favourite holiday experiences? As a world leading tourism destination, Queensland’s tourism and events industry offers a wide range of career opportunities. With a demand for skills in events management, marketing, hospitality and more, Queensland’s tourism and events industry provides plenty of opportunities for talented and ambitious individuals to build their dream careers.

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